The Haëlla Foundation provides worldwide assistance for small-scale, volunteer-oriented initiatives that directly benefit the target group. We enable projects which require a start-up subsidy to develop clout as well as special projects which have yet to prove themselves and which may be too risky for other funds.

We provide support to projects in the following areas: Faith and Society, Peace and Human Rights, Living together in the Netherlands, Environment and Sustainability, Women’s Rights and Undocumented People.

Profile and Working Philosophy

Haëlla is a fund with GUTS that helps people achieve social dreams by supporting SMALL-SCALE initiatives. We strive to do this in an ACCESSIBLE way.

GUTS: because we finance initiatives that are not yet eligible for support elsewhere. This can potentially be because the projects are too innovative for more conservative sources of funding, but can also be a result of dealing with socially uncomfortable subjects. We dream of a world with more justice, where everyone is entitled to the chance to have a good life, a world in which there is respect for each other and for each other’s faith and background. A world in which vulnerable people and our environment are taken care of. The Haëlla Foundation supports inspired and enthusiastic people in their work towards making their dreams of a better society become reality.

SMALL-SCALE: A maximum of €4,000 is available per initiative. With this we hope to give a good idea the opportunity to realize and grow. We greatly appreciate the efforts of volunteers.

ACCESSIBLE: Anyone whose project aligns with the aims of the Haëlla Foundation can knock on our door. Applicants are also invited to call and exchange ideas before formally submitting an application via our website.The main focus of the Haëlla Foundation is on ‘sprouts’: small initiatives with growth potential. The foundation supports promising small applications that help and inspire others


How do we ensure that we deliver results? We do this by connecting people within our field, sharing knowledge and working together to finance good initiatives. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience of small projects with others and we play a pioneering role in a number of areas.

We share our knowledge in personal conversations and in a variety of meetings and platforms. Our director chairs the National Funds Consultation and the Amsterdam Funds Consultation. Both Haella and HVB are members of the FIN (Fondsen in Nederland) and we are a member of the FIN’s International Cooperation working group. We participate in the Hague Funds Consultation, the Study Funds Consultation and the Youth Funds Consultation.

We are happy to work with other funds and foundations and while doing so, we look for options to reinforce each other’s strengths. As a result, we have achieved effective collaborations for many years. For example, we are the initiator, coordinator and executor of two unique partnerships of funds: Wij Doen Mee (20 funds) and Kleine Corona Hulp (36 funds).

When financing initiatives, we like to work together with other enthusiastic people and social organisations, including other funds that want to support projects in the same area as the Haëlla Foundation.

Ways to collaborate

The Zeitgeist

We live in a constantly changing world. The Haëlla Foundation experiences these changes both in the applications being made and the questions being asked. We like to be challenged and let our policy change and we adjust our priorities accordingly. We do this while never losing sight of our vision and mission. The principles and inspiration of the founders of the Haëlla Foundation, Mr. and Mrs. Dake-van Noppens, remain our beacons.