Funds and Foundations

Do you represent a fund or foundation which is looking to cooperate? The Haëlla Foundation can provide a valuable partnership. For example, we can provide you with interesting project proposals which match the ideals of your foundation. This is just one possible area of cooperation we can provide.

Our work is based on these ideals: Faith and Society, Peace and Human Rights, Living together in the Netherlands, Environment and Sustainability, Women’s rights and Undocumented Persons.

Our director, Ms. Elise Kant, would be happy to discuss with you how we can complement each other. After establishing all relevant criteria, we can send you carefully selected project proposals from the many requests we receive that will align with the objectives and ideals of your fund or foundation.

Our current collaborations

The Haëlla foundation chooses the best fund to suit your application. You can submit an application once a year. The Haëlla Foundation has more partnerships than are mentioned here and each fund decides to what extent they wish to be mentioned on our website.


H. Hartstra Stichting

The goal of this foundation is to provide financial support to institutions and individuals who stand up for “the lone, the last, the lost and the least” in society, the Remonstrant Brotherhood, alleviating poverty, providing health care and education.


Stichting Reginafonds

The Regina Fund Foundation aims to support projects that focus on the promotion of peace, human rights, the environment, small-scale development projects, development education and assistance for people in disadvantaged situations.

The Dioraphte Foundation supports the Haella Foundation in the year 2023 with an amount of € 100,000 for small-scale social projects in the Netherlands: initiatives for and with the most vulnerable people in our society.

The Dioraphte Foundation is an investment fund that provides financial support to programmes in five countries: the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Malawi. The support through the Haella foundation is only meant for projetcs in the Netherlands.

Stichting Dorodarte

Since 2019, the Dorodarte Foundation and the Haëlla Foundation have been working together to support projects for underprivileged children and young people.


Stichting Summer Fund

The Summer Fund Foundation focuses on initiatives to support vulnerable children in a vulnerable position. The foundation also supports projects which contribute to poverty reduction worldwide.


Stichting Ceres

The foundation’s objectives are focused on making gifts and donations to established ecclesiastical, philosophical, charitable, cultural, scientific or public benefit institutions.


Stichting Henriette Fonds

The objective of the Henrietta Fonds is to provide financial support for a broad range of social services. To help achieve these goals, the foundation has entered into a partnership with the Haëlla Foundation, also located in The Hague. Since the ideals of the inheritor of the fund broadly correspond to those on which the Haëlla Foundation has built its donation policy, this provides both a practical and ideological partnership.


Voormalig Roomsch Armen Weeshuis

Since 2018, the Former Roomsch Orphanage for the Poor (VRAW) and the  Haëlla Foundation have been supporting small-scale projects that focus on the care, education, training and shelter of disadvantaged young people VRAW’s working area is ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the surrounding area.


Stichting Heemfonds

Active since January 2, 1961, The Heemfonds Foundation was only established in its current form on December 7, 1992. The aim of the fund is to make funds available for diaconal and apostolic work in the broadest sense of the word.


The Leeuwenstein Foundation aims to support initiatives at the interface of society and culture. The primary aim of the Leeuwenstein Foundation is to support special people with innovative initiatives.

Other ways to collaborate