Haella Thema

Vrede en Mensenrechten

Project: Wajir Food and Nutrition Assistance

Kulmiye pastoral Association (DPA), 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is a health and human crisis threatening the food security and nutrition of millions of people around the world. The short rains have also promoted the breeding and development of Desert Locusts and protracted the outbreak across the region, which continues to pose a significant threat to main season crops. The situation is particularly worrisome in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. Swarms of Desert Locusts here are extremely large, highly mobile, and are damaging food crops and forage. In Wajir, Kenya, hundreds of people were already suffering from hunger and malnutrition before the virus hit and, unless immediate action is taken, we could see wide-scale food and nutrition crisis. In the longer term, the combined effects of COVID-19 itself, as well as corresponding mitigation measures and the emerging national economic recession could, without coordinated action, disrupt the functioning of food systems. Such disruption can result in consequences for health and nutrit

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