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Project: The open space learning: A future for the young generation

Support Trust for Africa development (STAD), 2020


Education has been disrupted by the CIVID019 pandemic worldwide. It has imposed a massive shift from structural school to online and home learning which is relatively a new phenomenon forcing over 63 million educators and school going children out of learning institutions. In response to the closure of educational institutions across the globe, UNESCO recommended the use of distance and home learning programmes supported by open educational applications and platforms that schools and teachers could use to reach learners remotely and limit the disruption of education. Uganda like any other country resorted to multiple modes of distance delivery of content to learners. Some of the media embraced included online platforms, like Zoom, television, mobile phones, radio and email among others. Though the Government of Uganda is praised for giving out self-study packages to all school children and encouraging lessons over the radios and TVs, nevertheless, the move to embrace home schooling

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