Haella Thema

Vrede en Mensenrechten

Project: Economic Empowerment, Rehabilitation and Re-settlement of Young Women Ex-prisoners in Kenya



This project has a number of interventions in ensuring that the women inmates and those that are released (Ex-prisoners) lead a dignified life. We intervene through; (i) Counselling (ii) Education (iii) Vocational Training (iv) Re-integrating women ex-prisoners (v) SKIT Training for Ex-inmates (vi) Economic Empowerment and Re-settlement In economic empowerment, we give tools to ex-prisoners in respect to the training acquired while in prison. Eg. If an inmate was trained in knitting we give her a knitting machine and small capital to be able to start a knitting business to support themselves and their families and avoid re-offending and getting back into prison. These tools we get them from Tools to Work - Netherlands. We have so many success stories and out of those we empower to start businesses they rarely get back into crime.

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