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Project: Economic Empowerment of South Sudanese Women and Girls (LONGLIST WOMEN’s RIGHTS)

Support Trust for Africa development (STAD), 2021


The Project’s main objective is to contribute to poverty reduction by strengthening indigenous women and girls with basic entrepreneurship skills in Juba, Central Equatoria Region. According to the African Development Bank (2021), South Sudan’s nascent economic recovery—driven by the 2018 Revitalized Peace Agreement, rising oil prices etc. derailed in 2020 by COVID–19 surges. Women are over 60% of the population (World Pop. review 2016).Their economic activities were disrupted by the pandemic restrictions to contain its spread affecting over 90% of the women involved in businesses within local markets. Protracted inter-ethnic conflicts and COVID-19 related schools closures, heightened gender-based violence and sexual exploitation. STAD identified groups of women and girls who have for long struggled with economic activities. It aims to empower them with entrepreneurship skills and strengthen their informal networks to hold community conversations on issues that affect them

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