Haella Thema


Project: Decent work for sex workers in Senegal - Longlist Vrouwenrechtenwedstrijd

CNV Internationaal, 2021


Project ivm Haella Vrouwenrechtenwedstrijd. Senegal is one of the few African countries that has a law legalizing sex work. However, this law (1969) is outdated and not well adapted to the current context. The law stipulates that sex workers register with the police who monitors sex workers to ensure that they attend regular health check-ups. A lack of knowledge of the law and disapproval of sex work by the police as well as by judicial authorities make that sex workers experience violence and discrimination. In addition to this, the implementation of the law is hindered because of religious objections from part of the Senegalese population who is predominantly (95%) Muslim. In practice this means that sex workers often cannot carry out their work in conditions of security and dignity. In this context, awareness raising and evidence based lobby for a change in attitude and a legal reform are imperative to bring about a positive change in the lives and working conditions of sex workers.

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