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Using the Human Rights Framework as a tool to address statelessness

Through this 3-year project, ISI and its partners will: - make at least 15 country submissions per year to the UN human rights system - support at least 3 partners in developing submissions through consultative processes - make 9 all country UPR summaries - conduct advocacy before the UPR and UN treaty bodies to ensure strong recommendations - monitor and analyse relevant UN Human Rights recommendations - follow up on implementations of recommendations in at least 3 countries. Additionally, ISI will continue to develop resources on human rights and statelessness and engage in capacity building to strengthen the capacity of advocates around the world to be more effective in their human rights advocacy. We will focus specifically on child rights and statelessness, gender and other forms of discrimination in nationality laws and situations of arbitrary deprivation of nationality.




€ 30.000,00




Stichting Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion



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