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Restoration of blown children block at Abikom-Western Kenya

The children block used to run children rehabilitation programs was extensively damaged by the recent heavy storm and rain which started in early March 2018. The roof was blown off, wood works, furniture and the walk ways. Due to this, children have been forced to miss out on attendance since there is no sufficient facilities. The main aim of this project is to restore the building block at Abikom Centre, Vihiga Kenya in working order so that it is safe and conductive for running children and empowerment programs for the youth and women. Our long term project objective (goal) is to improve the wellbeing, support and protection of vulnerable children and empower them and the target community with knowledge and skills that can secure their future. In doing this, the project will empower, change attitudes and behaviors, reduce stigma, and to respond to and prevent further abuse and exploitation of children in target communities.




€ 1.000,00




The Stichting Ultimate Hope Foundation



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