Vrede en Mensenrechten

ChangemakerXchange The Netherlands

CXC The Netherlands is a 4 day youth summit for social entrepreneurs working specifically on intercultural understanding where peer-learning and collaboration is the main focus. After the summit, the participants will continue working on their collaboration proposals and submit to receive seed funding to meet each and work with each other post-summit. They are also now part of the very active global community and will be able to attend network summits, co-creation summits, train-the-trainer summits and then even one day become global facilitators of CXC summits themselves. CXC has never before been hosted in the Netherlands and this summit will also for the first time be themed with intercultural understanding as a response towards the polarised perception of migrants in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. Our target group will therefore be dedicated young social entrepreneurs from these regions. Visit www.changemakerxchange.com for more info.




€ 2.500,00


Europe, North Africa and Middle East


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