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Working with Conflict: Training of Trainers Transforming Narratives

Two trainers will lead a 6 week online training followed by a 8 day on-site training in the Hague of 20 young trainers. The trainers will be jointly responsible for ?leading the entire training process which will be developed in close collaboration with the UNOY Peacebuilders International Secretariat team and with the help of at least one volunteer. The key objectives of the training are, to building the following among the 20 trainers: knowledge of the influence of narratives on conflicts between the trainers, skills working with their peers to construct and disseminate peaceful narratives, skills as trainers, being able to support their peers to engage with complex issues through the methodologies of non-formal education and strengthen the networks of young trainers with expertise in peacebuilding across Europe.




€ 2.000,00


The Hague


United Network of Young Peacebuilders



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