Haella Thema

Vrede en Mensenrechten

Project: Post Fire Response – New Camp on Lesvos

Fenix Humanitarian Legal Aid, 2020


Fenix’s approach to holistic legal aid includes providing legal and protection support. Now that the most acute aspects of the emergency situation is over and most people are housed in the new camp, we want to focus on increasing our capacity and specifically, the number of clients that we can take on. Currently, we have recently identified 28 new vulnerable cases that urgently need protection and legal aid. With the €5000 euro grant we will be able to increase the stipends for some of our volunteers, which will allow them to stay longer. In particular, this will allow us to provide a stipend for a Greek legal assistant, who can accompany clients to services and provide both legal and translation support. We will secure 1 new Farsi interpreter for three months, providing them with a stipend and housing, which will enable us to increase our capacity and decrease some of the burden on our current translation team.

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