Haella Thema

Vrede en Mensenrechten

Project: Awareness and action on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) among adolescent girls.

Society for women's Education and Awareness Development (SWEAD), 2021


Specific Aims. A. To strengthen the knowledge, voice and capacities of 950 school-going adolescent girls of Bhuvanagiri taluk to make informed decisions on their SRHR, demand for and uptake of essential SRH services, B. To sensitise key stakeholders like parents, community members, teachers and members of Parents and Teachers Associations (PTAs), School Management Committees (SMCs), members of women Self Help Groups (SHGs), Health Workers and representatives of local bodies on the sexual and reproductive health needs and services of adolescent girls. C. To create an enabling, free and safe environment for increased participation of adolescent girls for a universal access to an integrated sexual and reproductive health services at all levels Activities - Awareness Programmes at school levels, including different laws protecting them; -Preparation and publication of Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials for awareness building on SRHR: -Training of Trainers Programme

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