Named Funds

Would you like to contribute in a personal way to specific small projects that ensure a better world? For example, activities which assist vulnerable people? A great way to do this is to establish a Named Fund. The Haëlla Foundation can help you with all the details. We would be happy to discuss the options available to you and how they can best suit your wishes.

By setting up a Named Fund, you can contribute to small-scale initiatives in society and link your name, or that of a loved one, to it. You determine the objective of the Fund yourself. For example, protecting human rights and  activating and connecting refugees. Or helping young people who are excluded from the labour market or other groups of people who get left out if others don’t look after them. With a little help they can participate in our society again.

By placing your Named Fund with the Haëlla Foundation, you can benefit from our expertise. You can see what happens with your money and you have the opportunity to help decide which projects are eligible for your contribution. In the case of an inheritance, we make clear agreements about the way in which your contribution to society will be managed.

You determine the aims and goals of your Named Fund yourself. In the event of your death, your name or that of your loved one(s) will continue to exist. The management of the fund’s assets and expenditures are carried out in accordance with your wishes by Haëlla Asset Management.

If you pay tax in the Netherlands, your donation will be tax deductible thanks to the foundation’s ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling).

We are happy to set up a personal consultation where we can  share ideas with you about the possibilities of a named fund. Call Tessa Buruma for free advice: +31 (0)70 324 99 29


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Nel Voltelen Fund – talent development and training for women

The Nel Voltelen Fund aims to provide financial support to Dutch women who are unable to follow vocational training, further training or courses in the Netherlands to promote their self-reliance.

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Eleonore Fund

The objective of the fund is to support projects for persons and/or organizations that defend and propagate human rights and information rights under difficult circumstances and who need protection and/or training for this and money to pay lawyers and other facilities, such as shelter.

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DéTé Fund

The DéTé Foundation started a cooperation with the Haëlla Foundation. The board decided to dissolve the foundation and place the assets in a named funds.  The DéTé fund supports education for young people from deprived families, preferably in the Netherlands.

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AANubis fund

The  AANubis fund was founded with a legacy of Mr Aad Stoop and Mrs Louise Antoinette Schoen. The fund supports unemployed young South Afican men between 18 and 25 years old and living in a city environment. Because of the small scale and personal approach it is possible to offer specific aid to enable the benificiaries to become self supporting. 

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