Haëlla, a foundation with guts

The Haëlla Foundation works to realize the ideals of passionate people and enables those who want to do something for others, their community or the environment. We listen and we contribute ideas, and we can help with financing. These are small-scale, promising projects that require starting capital to develop clout. These projects act as the 'Germs' that help and inspire others. They’re innovative projects that have yet to prove themselves and which may be too risky for other funds. Do you have a concrete plan to contribute to this and do you need help to realize your project? Then you can request an amount up to a maximum of 4,000 euros from the Haëlla Foundation. You can only apply digitally via our website. Read our rules and criteria carefully in advance!

Our work is based on these themes:

Special Partnerships


Do you have an initiative designed to help refugees in the Netherlands? Check WIJDOENMEE.NU to see if your project meets their criteria.


36 funds have quickly joined forces to fund initiatives for people suffering as a result of the corona crisis. Topics: food and loneliness.


Funds and Foundations
Funds and Foundations

Do you represent a Fund or Foundation? We can send you relevant project proposals that suit your Fund. Other forms of cooperation are also possible.

Private Donations
Private Donations

Are you looking for a way to use your money to fund good causes and finance projects that fit your ideals? You can see the options available below.

Named Funds
Named Funds

If you’d like to contribute in a personal way to small projects that ensure a better world you can set up a Named Fund. The Haëlla Foundation can help you.