Haëlla Asset Management Foundation


The Haëlla Asset Management Foundation was established at the end of 1972 with the objective of making such annual payments to the Haëlla Foundation as the Haëlla Foundation needs for the continuation of its activities.


Mr. G.H.O. van Maanen, chair
Mr. A. J. Peijnenburg,treasurer
Mr. A.M. Dake, sectretary

Reward policy

The board members do not receive any remuneration for their work.

FIN Good Governance Standards

The board of the Haëlla Asset Management Foundation declares that it complies with the FIN Good Governance Standards and has submitted the Annual Declaration of Compliance with the FIN Good Governance Standards, which is reviewed periodically. This last happened in 2021.


The Haëlla Vermogensbeheer foundation has ANBI status. Our RSIN is 802597014.

Click here for the ANBI formulier van de belastingdienst (publicatieplicht-fondsen) met informatie 2020.

Here is the ANBI form from the tax authorities with information for 2020.

Contact can be made via the Haëlla Foundation.


The portfolio is organised in accordance with the investment statute and is managed by Fair Capital Partners in Muiden.

The Haëlla Asset Management Foundation annually pays out an amount to the Haëlla Foundation. In recent years, the Haëlla Foundation has also called on the appropriated reserve to support projects for Undocumented Persons, an extra vulnerable group in Dutch society. Further funds have been allocated to enable the foundation’s focus on Women’s Rights.

The portfolio is arranged according to an investment agreement and is managed by the Triodos Bank.

The foundation has ANBI status in the Netherlands.

Heleen Dake Fund for Training and Equipment

Mrs. H.Th. Dake, daughter of the founders, has been a board member of the Haëlla Foundation for many years. As a thank you for her great involvement, the Heleen Dake Fund for Training and Equipment was set up in 2013 with a starting capital of € 30,000. This amount is used by the Haëlla Foundation for organizations that, in addition to their projects, receive a contribution for capacity building of the organization so that they can play a division higher. The fund will continue to exist as long as the Haëlla Asset Management Foundation exists and the capital will be supplemented where necessary.

Annual reports (in Dutch)

HVB annual report 2020

HVB annual report 2019

HVB annual report 2018